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Your Partner in Sports Injury Rehabilitation

At Albany Physiotherapy Clinic, we understand the physical and emotional toll sports injuries can take on athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply love staying active, our dedicated team of experts is here to help get you back to peak performance to enjoy your favourite activities pain-free.

Our Capabilities

Acute Sports Injury Rehabilitation
We prioritise providing immediate care and relief when you experience a sudden sports injury. Our team is trained in the latest techniques to effectively assess, diagnose, and treat acute sports injuries. We work closely with you to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting pain management and immobilisation practices.

Sports-Specific Strengthening
Recovering from a sports injury requires more than just rest. It demands a tailored approach that targets the specific demands of your sport. Our therapists are well-versed in sports-specific strengthening exercises, ensuring that your rehabilitation program is designed to enhance the skills and movements essential to your game. Whether you’re a runner, golfer, tennis player, or an aspiring olympian, we’ve got you covered.

Individually Tailored Exercise Programs
No two injuries are alike, and neither are our patients. That’s why we take a personalised approach to your recovery. Our team creates individualised exercise programs that consider your unique needs, goals, and timeline for returning to your sport. We guide you through every step of your rehabilitation journey, adjusting your program as your strength and mobility improve.

Taping and Brace Fitting as Required
We offer taping and brace fitting services to support your recovery and prevent further injury. Our experienced clinicians can provide expert guidance on when and how to use taping and bracing effectively, ensuring that you remain protected during your return to sports and activities.

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